Interior decorative colors

Paints intended for painting interior wall surfaces exposed to lower loads.

Here we include all paints for interior walls that are not exposed to mechanical loads, pouring or soiling, and are used for painting walls in new buildings and for repainting old walls.
It is important to note that these are not washable paints, so it is not recommended to use them in buildings and rooms that are susceptible to water.

Various shades can be obtained by hand mixing with the use of colorants, but a much simpler and safer way is to mix the colors by machine.
With us, with the purchase of paints and colorants, you can get free machine mixing of colors in the Top-Mix system, and so be 100% sure that you will truly have the home you want.

In our offer you will find all the products needed to protect and paint interior walls, renowned manufacturers.

  • Chromos Light: Bravo, Kemopol, Kemopol Plus, Top Premium, Simpra (impregnation)
  • JUB: Jupol Classic, Jupol Ekonimik, Jupol Bio lime paint, Acrylic emulsion (impregnation)
  • Chromos paints and varnishes: Megapol, Poliflor

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