Drvena građa

Timber for roofs, timber for construction.

Timber is a natural material obtained by mechanical processing of wood, and logs that are a clean part of the trunk are used for processing.
The category of the highest quality timber includes chopped and hewn timber, which are also the most expensive.
Timber can be divided into short – up to four meters long, and long – over four meters long.
Timber includes beams and beams sawn from coniferous or spruce wood in various cross-sections and lengths, in class II / III, which satisfies the needs of roof structures only in the case of previously correctly calculated static load and requirements of the structure itself.
This group also includes all types of battens that serve as a cover holder (tile, sheet metal, panel), as well as boards with standard thicknesses of 24 and 48 mm.
The slats usually come in cross sections of 3×5 cm, 4×5 cm, 5×5 cm and 5×8 cm, standard length 4 m ‘, but also other dimensions that depend on the needs of the construction site and the building.

These materials are also used in other segments of the building, such as various supports, gaps, formwork, etc., but their primary function is for roofing works.

    Beams and beams of all cross-sections and lengths
    Laths of section 3×5,4×5,5×5 and 5×8 cm of section
    24 mm thick board
    48 mm thick board
    Beams 10×10 and 10×12 cm in cross section
    24 mm thick board
    48 mm thick board


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